Weather Considerations for a Wedding in Central PA

Planning a wedding is an exciting and meticulous endeavor, with countless details to consider. One critical aspect that often gets overlooked until the last minute is the weather. If you’re planning a wedding in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, understanding the region’s climate and seasonal variations can help you make informed decisions about your big day. In this guide, we’ll take a close look at the weather considerations for each season in Lancaster County, including a recap of temperatures and precipitation.

Lancaster County Climate Overview

Lancaster County, located in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania, experiences a humid continental climate. This means the region enjoys four distinct seasons, each with its unique weather characteristics. While Lancaster County is known for its picturesque landscapes, charming barn venues, and Amish heritage, it’s crucial to be prepared for the varying weather conditions each season brings.

Spring in Lancaster County (March – May)

Spring is a popular choice for weddings in Lancaster County. As the winter frost recedes, the countryside bursts into life with colorful blooms and lush greenery. Here’s a seasonal recap of temperatures and precipitation for spring:

  • Average High Temperatures: March (49°F/9°C), April (61°F/16°C), May (71°F/22°C)
  • Average Low Temperatures: March (30°F/-1°C), April (39°F/4°C), May (48°F/9°C)
  • Precipitation: Spring brings moderate rainfall, with March receiving around 3.4 inches, April around 3.7 inches, and May around 4.1 inches of precipitation.

Spring weddings in Lancaster County can be delightful, but there’s a chance of rain, so having a backup indoor plan is advisable. The vibrant landscapes and comfortable temperatures, however, make it a wonderful time for outdoor ceremonies and photoshoots.

Summer in Lancaster County (June – August)

Summer is the peak wedding season in Lancaster County, thanks to its warm temperatures and longer daylight hours. Here’s a recap of what to expect during the summer months:

  • Average High Temperatures: June (80°F/27°C), July (85°F/29°C), August (83°F/28°C)
  • Average Low Temperatures: June (59°F/15°C), July (64°F/18°C), August (62°F/17°C)
  • Precipitation: Summers in Lancaster County tend to be relatively wet, with June receiving around 4.4 inches, July around 4.7 inches, and August around 3.9 inches of precipitation.

While summer offers pleasant weather, it’s essential to consider the heat and potential for rain showers. Ensure that your outdoor venue has adequate shade and a plan for staying cool. Many couples opt for evening ceremonies to avoid the midday heat.

Fall in Lancaster County (September – November)

Fall is another favored season for weddings in Lancaster County, known for its stunning foliage as the leaves change colors. Here’s a seasonal recap:

  • Average High Temperatures: September (75°F/24°C), October (64°F/18°C), November (52°F/11°C)
  • Average Low Temperatures: September (54°F/12°C), October (43°F/6°C), November (36°F/2°C)
  • Precipitation: Fall is drier compared to the summer months, with September receiving around 3.8 inches, October around 3.1 inches, and November around 2.9 inches of precipitation.

Fall weddings in Lancaster County offer the advantage of mild temperatures and a breathtaking backdrop of colorful foliage. However, it’s important to note that evenings can get chilly, so consider providing blankets or heaters for your guests during outdoor ceremonies or receptions.

Winter in Lancaster County (December – February)

Winter weddings have their unique charm, especially if you’re dreaming of a cozy, intimate celebration. However, Lancaster County winters can be cold, and snowfall is not uncommon. Here’s a recap of winter weather:

  • Average High Temperatures: December (40°F/4°C), January (35°F/2°C), February (39°F/4°C)
  • Average Low Temperatures: December (25°F/-4°C), January (21°F/-6°C), February (24°F/-4°C)
  • Precipitation: Winter is the driest season in Lancaster County, with December receiving around 2.5 inches, January around 2.6 inches, and February around 2.4 inches of precipitation. Snowfall can vary but is most likely in January and February.

If you’re planning a winter wedding, you’ll want to consider indoor venues or those with suitable facilities to keep guests warm. While a winter wonderland backdrop can be enchanting, it’s essential to have a plan for potential weather-related disruptions.


Additional Weather Considerations

No matter the season, it’s wise to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. This is especially true for outdoor ceremonies or receptions. Many venues in Lancaster County offer indoor alternatives or tented options.

Here are some additional weather considerations when planning your Lancaster County wedding:

  • Venue Selection: Choose a venue that aligns with your weather preferences and provides suitable indoor options if needed.
  • Rain Plan: Have a clear plan in case of rain or adverse weather conditions. This includes renting tents, umbrellas, or relocating the event indoors.
  • Temperature Comfort: Consider your guests’ comfort. If you’re planning an outdoor event in extreme heat or cold, provide amenities like fans, heaters, or blankets.
  • Seasonal Decor: Embrace the season’s natural beauty in your decor. For example, use seasonal flowers, foliage, and colors to enhance the ambiance.
  • Travel and Accommodation: If you have guests traveling from out of town, inform them about the local weather conditions and recommend appropriate attire.
  • Photography Timing: Work with your photographer to plan the best times for outdoor photos to capture the most flattering natural light.
  • Insurance: Consider wedding insurance that includes coverage for weather-related cancellations or disruptions.


Planning a wedding in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is an exciting endeavor, but being prepared for the region’s varying weather conditions is essential. Each season has its unique charm, from the vibrant blooms of spring to the colorful foliage of fall. While summer and fall are the most popular seasons for weddings in Lancaster County, with milder weather, winter and spring weddings can be equally enchanting with the right preparations.

Remember that flexibility and a well-thought-out plan can help you navigate any weather-related challenges that may arise on your special day. By considering the climate and following the tips mentioned in this guide, you can ensure that your Lancaster County wedding is a memorable and enjoyable event, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.